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Viking Tranmere Book


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There are 72 pages in the book, with 2 pages for the index at the book.

It is a soft cover book.

In or shortly after the year AD 902 Viking settlers on Wirral, a small peninsula near that is now  Liverpool, noticed some cranebirds or herons on a sandbank on the banks of the Mersey. Since trani is Old Norse for cranebird/heron and mere in this contect is from Old Norse melr, a sandbank, the place-name Tranmelr - Tranmere - came into being.

A Millennium afterwards the connections of Tranmere and Wirral with Norway and Scandinavia are still very strong, particularly in the genes of the people from the area: there is even a 'viking Navy' - and Tranmere Rovers -its football team - preserves this tradition as the only team in the English Football League with a Norse Viking name.

The book is written primarily for football supporters - Tranmere fans interested in the origins of the name and the links with the vikings, and the very many Scandinavains supporters who come to Tranmere and Liverpool games. 



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